Monday, 6 January 2014

Day 130, 17km. THE END! By Amy:

We got up at dawn and cycled/pushed over the ridiculously steep hill to the ferry port. Here we wheeled our bikes on board where they were tied precariously with bungees to the railings of the deck packed with travellers. After a 3 hour crossing in choppy waters (for which I was glad we had anti sickness pills) we arrived at Koh Samui where my friend Sally lives. She had given us a grid reference for her house so we set off round the island which thankfully is flatter than Koh Tao (at least on the edges).
Sally's directions proved spot on and we arrived on her doorstep to be greeted with a hug, a shower and a beer (in that order). 4months and 4500miles after promising to visit we finally made it!

Celebrating Christmas properly with Sally. Thanks to our family and friends for sending
our festive packages to make it possible.


  1. Arrr :) amazing guys!! Can't get my head around what you've both done! Absolutly amazing, and now onto New Zealand! What a crazy adventure!! Miss you lots, Jon and Jade x

  2. You made it! Well done! That's amazing! Hopefully the saddle pain is now fully gone too. Will and I were talking about you two the other day and trying to remember where in NZ you said you were going to live. We'd love to meet up again and hear all about your ridiculous adventure. I hope you're both doing well and enjoying NZ. Let me know if you'd like to meet up somewhere, some when.
    Love Jodie and Will, the couple from Beijing (and Xi'an) who, embarrassingly, made you look at my swollen ankle (sorry again about that!).
    jocorrall @ hotmail .com